2017/18 details of winter and winter fabrics & Materials inspiration & edging

2018-08-08 14:19:31 admin 3386

Design marks: decorative function of the decorative edge, giving the utility of a new sense of industrial wind. Manual details, old effects and thin colors make metal accessories and accessories look fashionable.

Close to nature: ornaments and ornaments reveal the pure materiality of the realm, from biological form to abstract form, and all embracing. Geological patterns and biological impressions are used for edging or edging, while natural color matching or flame color matching is used.

Nocturne: the edge of gloss and paint with dark charm of nocturnal music. Lighting and luminous decorations are prominent on the dark background and become the focus of the design. Multi faceted stereo design is also important.

Fusion: elaborately decorated, arranged or arranged on a surface or in a non-traditional form, designed to achieve striking geometric stitching. Touch is still important for the winter, with a sense of luxury in 70s. Light Chiffon is the ideal season period.