Macy Mccoy fashion street series, but also bold innovation, anti way, and the use of personality high-profile minority elements, with the impact of the design concept to create the most "weird" and the most intimate series of women's clothing. In casual place, with a little bit of British punk is strong, in the most neglected place, rub it into some Japanese Harajuku wind taste, while adhering to the Macy Mccoy brand, adhere to the origin of the design concept of natural, simple, and design a series of seemingly the most impact force, but also so harmonious natural fashion street style. The most valuable of this series is that although maverick, but there is no fear of dark weird and rock tearing anger, you can say that personality is very natural, refreshing.

This time, in order to enter the domestic market, following the most original design concept of Macy Mccoy, adding interesting and special Chinese elements. Across the continent, transnational and trans hemisphere design concept of collision and agitation, a series of brand launch, can let you get a new dress and fashion concept of cognition, but does not overhangs, special enough.

MacyMccoy follow the trend of the times the pace, but is committed to creating a unique brand personality customization services, combined with clear and natural and perfect personality on behalf of the one and only natural things on behalf of Saint products for special people perfect new women. M (magnificent) M (Magic) gorgeous magic for you grown out of the nature of the true self, also is the original idea of the MacyMccoy brand, looking for a natural self, to lead MacyMccoy to a simple soul has the charm of the brand new dress.

Market positioning is based on OL series and fashion street series, to contrast the concept of adorable one, let the new women play different roles in the modern society to the pursuit of fashion, easy conversion, simple and easy to regenerate the women like. Custom designed personal brand dresses are also sold. It is a preferred choice for fashion people, college students and light skilled white-collar workers. Focus on serving 18-35 year old women who love fashion and pursue personal tastes.